Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Future Plans of YouTube

Internet is available in every single corner of the world in this modern day of life, and people are utilising it in the best possible way. YouTube has given new possible ways of entertainment to our lives by providing us a huge video store just a click away. No, it has been more than a decade and we are still waiting for YouTube videos download( options to appear; this would decrease the hectic of getting help from some third party software to download YouTube videos. But there are many other things to understand than hoping to see the downloading option on the website itself.
 The Development: It has been more than a decade since YouTube started showing videos to the world and there have been many changes since that time. We have seen better and better version of YouTube each year. There was a time when you were only able to see a normal quality of videos that was not even worth watching of big and HD displays and then YouTube started to let the people upload the videos in actual quality. After that the era of HD video streaming came when the first 720p video was broadcasted on YouTube. During all this development YouTube videos download option was never seen due the unknown reason. In the present time YouTube is letting the viewers to watch most of the videos in true HD resolution of 1080p. You can watch these video on your bigger displays with crisp quality of sound and video at the same time. 

The Expectations: After all this spectacular effort done by the YouTube officials, people really expect to see something unusual and more interesting. The most desired thing is the YouTube videos download option, but there are certain chances of not seeing this option pretty soon because of the reason that it is not impossible as many people are downloading videos through third party software and websites, yet YouTube has not introduced this thing in eleven years.
People also expect to see QHD videos on their screen of complete 4K resolution as people are having very fast internet connection, which can handle this type of data transfer with ease and the larger displays require best available quality to be played for full enjoyment and entertainment. This thing is also not impossible for YouTube, because they are already the pioneers of video storing and playing-back the stored videos on user’s request.
Playing the videos in true 3D format could also be the next move of YouTube as it does not take a lot of space like $K resolution videos and every person has these 3d glasses at their place. After getting YouTube videos download option, the users would be able to download these movies and playing them on their plasma TVs to get true home theatre feeling without spending a lot of money in multiplexes.

YouTube is the most amazing, flawless and best video playing back website till date, and there is much more to come. We might see all these expectation coming true in this or the following year along with the YouTube videos download option.

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